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Mirko's Link Community - MiLC

What is MiLC?

The purpose of Mirko's Link Community is to increase the traffic on the community's members' web pages and promote them for free. It's open to everyone who wants to promote his or her site.

How does it work?

All the members' pages are collected on a single link list. This list is frequently added and promoted to the big search engines in the world. Additionally, the members put links to the list on their pages to direct as many web surfers to the link list to gain traffic on this page and so on all the members' pages as well.
That's all.

If you think that's a good idea, please add something similar to the following lines to your page and join the community:

    <a href="">Mirko's Link Community</a>

or to produce a separate window:

    <script language=javascript>"","CommunityLinkList",

Mirko Blüming

Let's join for free

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